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Stop hopping around between apps to manage your positions
and invest in staking, farming and liquidity pools on Algorand.
UpsideFinance lets you do it all in a single place.

Expanding soon to simplify your multi-chain DeFi experience.

Why UpsideFinance?

Compare investment opportunities across all major protocols

Not sure where to invest? We make it easy to compare hundreds of LPs, Farming and Staking pools by APY and profitability so that you can invest according to your own risk tolerance.

Invest with a single click

Investing doesn‘t have to be complicated. We make it as simple as a single click to invest and earn in pools, and get you the best rates for all your swaps.

See your net worth grow

Track everything in one place. See a breakdown of your holdings by asset and investment type.

Track impermanent loss

We give you visibility of any impermanent loss across your entire portfolio of investments so that you can take action immediately.

Copy the pros

We showcase the highest performing portfolios so that you can see how they have invested their capital.

UpsideFinance is built for Algorand, the world's most powerful and sustainable blockchain

Investors and partners

Algorand foundation Borderless capital Alammex Goracle

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Core team

Tejas Kothari

Backend and smart contract developer

Nishant Pandav

Designer and frontend developer


UpsideFinance's free version of the app is suitable for most DeFi users. However, we do offer some premium features via our subscription plan and by holding our NFTs.


  • Connect upto 10 wallets
  • Custom price alerts
  • Access to themes and premium app icons
  • 0.5% transaction fee


  • Connect upto 2 wallets
  • Default alerts
  • Dark/light modes and default app icon
  • 0.8% transaction fee


A limited number of Gil NFTs shall be minted. Wallets holding these NFTs will have access to the premium features for as long as they hold it.

Frequently asked questions

What is UpsideFinance?

UpsideFinance is a DeFi dashboard and a portfolio tracker built for the users of Algorand blockchain. Our goal is to make DeFi simple and accessible for everyone.

What DeFi protocols will be supported?

We‘re working with all major DeFi apps on Algorand to integrate them with UpsideFinance. This means that soon, all you‘ll need is our mobile application to access Algorand‘s DeFi ecosystem.

How do I track my DeFi portfolio and coins?

UpsideFinance lists all your DeFi positions and tokens associated with your connected wallet automatically. You won‘t need to add anything manually.

Is UpsideFinance safe?

Yes. UpsideFinance tracks the publicly available transaction data to give you a comprehensive visualisation of your portfolio. UpsideFinance securely connects with the DeFi protocol to make sure that your tokens remain safe.

Which wallets do you support?

We‘re working on integrating Pera and MyAlgo wallets, both of which are popular amongst Algorand users.

Does UpsideFinance support Ethereum or Solana blockchains?

We currently do not support any DeFi protocol outside Algorand. However, we‘re considering these blockchains for future development.